Opinion: Elevate Your Pitches

The difference between an average and an exceptional pitch can often be a matter of framing. But this begs the question – how do you frame your message in the most timely, relevant and interesting manner?

Stephen Colbert coined the concept of ‘truthiness’ in the first episode of the Colbert Report, all the way back in 2005. Truthiness refers not to truth itself but a kind of intuition – something you feel is true because it should be true, regardless of any evidence to support it.

Now any PR worth their salt will tell you that evidence is absolutely crucial to any pitch, so I am not recommending you fire off unsupported claims. Rather, the concept of truthiness can be employed to lift your pitches and drive coverage by creating an argument on a broader societal trend or commentary. It’s this kind of off-the-wall thinking that gets journalists ticking.

So take your message, come up with a concept about what you feel the truth is in support of that message, then build your argument, for or against the ‘truth’, using evidence.

If truth is seeing the world as it is, then truthiness is seeing the world as it should be. And that’s a powerful thing for your pitches.

– Jordan Cameron