Maseur was a huge brand in the late 1980/90’s with high saliency and purchase.


In 2014 a reinvigorated identity and packaging redesign brought a new lease of life. This presented the opportunity to grow the Maseur brand and to recruit new or lapsed users by reiterating the unparalleled product benefits.


Capatalising on the fact that 44% of adults have sore tired feet (a higher statistic than other common aliment, including headache, sensitive teeth, or hay fever), and that it is a highly emotional issue that can leave people feeling drained and upset – we set out to create a mindset that Maseur will come to the rescue as the ultimate foot care solution.

The primary target market (30+ female) tends to spend most of her time online on her smartphone when commuting between work and home. Her interests revolve around family, home and lifestyle. So one of the best times to communicate with her on the way home at the end of a long day of work when she is pining to get home and into her slippers.

The digital centric campaign centred around a content video because they get three times more clicks on average than other digital ad formats. Hosted on a new responsive and mobile friendly website, traffic was driven from search engine marketing ads, sponsored social media posts, as well as online editorial in key female platforms. A full list of stockists were featured.


  • Mammamia’s The Glow display advertising ROI was 501% and CTR was double the industry standard
  • Impressions for The Glow native content post were 2.5 x greater than The Glow benchmark
  • KidSpot CTR was 14 x greater than industry standard
  • Best Recipes CTR 3.8 x greater than industry standard
  • The content video reached just under  600 unique views
  • 8,636 unique visits to the campaign website (21% of visitors returned)

Sales results will be compared year on year this November.