Maseur Case Study

Brand Overview

Created by Gabriel Eber to be the “healthiest footwear ever made,” the iconic Maseur therapeutic sandal was designed to revive tired, aching feet and muscles.

The flexibility, strength and durability of the product and a tremendously popular advertising campaign starring Sven the Masseur, led to Maseur Sandals becoming a household name in the 1990’s.


While Maseur Sandals have been part of the Australian lifestyle for more than 20 years, parent company McPherson’s Consumer Products determined that the brand was losing relevance amongst a new generation of potential customers.

To coincide with the launch of a new brand identity and packaging redesign in 2014, Heard Agency was employed by McPhersons to create an activation to breathe new life into the brand.


With the insight that many hospitality, retail workers and mums spend all day on their feet, Heard determined that it was high-time that a brand came to the rescue of their sore, tired feet.

From here, the Footbulance was born – designed to be both an activation and mobile billboard for Maseur. In a nod to Sven the Masseur, the Footbulance was skilfully piloted by new characters, Ben and Ken.


From September to October 2014, the Footbulance travelled around malls and shopping centres in Sydney, stopping weary passers-by and taking action to rescue sore, tired feet. This took the form of offering a much-needed foot massage and providing a trial of Maseur products.

This made for a very engaging PR stunt as well as a moving outdoor activation, as people flocked to the eye-catching Footbulance. All of this was filmed to support the campaign and housed on both YouTube and the newly repurposed Maseur site.

  • The content video reached just under 600 unique views
  • 8,636 unique visits to the campaign website (21% of visitors returned)
  • Successful native content campaign reaching tens of thousands