Juiced Up Antman

Juiced Up Antman


In 2015 Marvel launched Antman to critical acclaim. In partnership, Juiced Up launched its special edition Antman Juiced Up 100% juice to the US market. It turned to Heard Digital to rally.


America is turning healthy and moms and dads are seeking products that not only taste good but that their kids can relate, enjoy and remain healthy.

The primary target market (moms) tends to spend most of her time online on her smartphone when commuting between work, home and ferrying her kids to here, there and everywhere! Her interests revolve around family, home and healthy lifestyle.

The digital campaign centred around a content video/advertisement because they get three times more clicks on average than other digital ad formats. Hosted on a campaign website, traffic was driven from billboards, TV advertising, buzzfeed, sponsored social media posts, as well as online editorial in key platforms. A full list of stockists were featured.


Hollywood launch that drove record traffic and product enquiry.