The popularity of Mexican and South American cuisine and culture has driven a plethora of pop ups, bars and restaurants across Australia, particularly in the Eastern states. These venues draw the masses with their exuberant ambiance, bright colours, cluttered eclectic decor and lively music. This provides an already established competition for emerging brands.


Although visually striking – favelas are actually the slums of Brazil. Favelas are an example of people who may not have riches, yet they can unite via their culture and creativity to produce something both meaningful and beautiful. We focused on this part of Brazil’s story to create a truly authentic brand message that can withstand the test of fleeting trends.

“Favela” was translated into a restaurant concept with a unique Brazilian atmosphere, serving only the finest coffee, ice cream and authentic Brazilian cuisine. The new venue required CGIs, signage, menu and merchandise.

The experience of the restaurant flows-through to the website, which is focused on providing customers with an engaging and authentic experience. This is used to utilise consumer connections with the brand, encouraging them to keep coming back for more.


A truly unique retail entrant is about to arrive for Bondi locals and hipsters alike.