Bring Back The Joy To Dull Days

Bring Back The Joy To Dull Days
Bring Back The Joy To Dull Days


Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty at a time where coconut products are trending in the Australian FMCG market.


Instead of promoting only the obvious benefits of each product, we took it a step further by looking at the emotional link to the lifestyle benefits provided by the Coco Joy range. Coco Joy products offer those with intolerances or health concerns the freedom of being able to eat and drink something delicious, that’s also good for them.

This feeling is pure joy.

To give the campaign a year-round lifespan, we focused on how we could “Bring the Joy Back” to each day in a person’s life. Days in-between the big celebrations and milestones (like Christmas and Valentine’s Day), can often be dull and monotonous – it’s days like these that we wanted to Bring the Joy Back to.

The calendar we developed features monthly “Big Joy Days,” that have the potential for media publicity. We also incorporated plenty of medium and smaller activities into the schedule, such as funny content, to engage consumers and hopefully brighten their day with a laugh.

The experience can only be enjoyed by downloading the Dull Days app, which was enabled to capture data and allowed Coco Joy to provide more tailored content for each individual. Extra prize incentives are offered with every scan of a new Coco Joy product barcode.

The highest score unlocks the most joyful moment of all – a money-can’t-buy experience to the coconut island of Thailand!


The products have hit the shelves in major convenience and grocery retailers.