Performing a Full Digital Makeover

Doing an entire rebrand of a company is always an exciting opportunity for both the agency and the client. So when Civil Contractors engaged us to rebrand their logo, website, printed collaterals and the company’s capability statement, it was a great challenge for the creative team. Civil Contractors wanted to introduce their parent company to their Queensland market and make their long-time partnership with The Winslow Group known by renaming themselves CCA Winslow.

So the rebrand was, essentially, an amalgamation of two brands. We retained key features and treatments from both brands to bridge the design gap between the two entities, but without veering from one or the other too drastically, because we didn’t want to lose the brand recognition and equity they had already built and earned.

The use of gold is an immediate representation of construction equipment such as tractors and high visibility clothing, while the “W” mark was designed to resemble a safety strip. The bold and geometric shapes can be used easily in multiple applications such as uniform embroidery and can be seen from a distance on large hoardings or crane signage.

But creating a logo today is not just about the ease of incorporating them in printed collaterals, it must be digitally malleable as well. The new CCA Winslow website is an elegant face-lift from their old digital presence. The three geometric lines have been worked seamlessly into the site, unifying the brand’s presence both online and offline. This minimalist approach is what a lot of brands have been doing with their rebrand; from Starbucks dropping their name to Mastercards new design, brands everywhere are optimising their brand identity for digital use.

The new CCA Winslow design is simple and crisp. The colours and shapes make it more flexible, and it can be and applied beautifully on multiple platforms. The evolution of Civil Contractors to CCA Winslow is a natural progression of the company, and its brand identity was designed to reflect that.